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First Annual Patrick Downey 5K - Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks to all who participated in the First Annual Patrick Downey 5K!  Thank you to all the runners, volunteers, spectators and sponsors who supported the race!!  With 160 registered runners it was a rousing success.  You can view pictures of the race or check out the results.  Also, the Peabody Weekly newspaper did a nice article on the race. 

Second Annual Patrick Downey 5K - Sunday, May 13, 2012

Look at the beautiful (and FAST) Annie Rose Carter, the first runner in the Second Annual Patrick Downey 5K to come across the finish line wearing a brand new pair of Chucks that she received FREE because she pre-registered for the race. Annie finished this awesome, fast 5K course in just 21:49. For her efforts, she received a $100 gift card from our friends at Converse. Don't you want to run a 5K in Chucks??? Join us next Mother's Day and show us what you can do!!

The Second Annual Patrick Downey 5K took place on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 8:30 am. This race is intended to raise awareness about esophageal cancer.

I am pleased to announce that I sent ECAA a check for $8,000!!!! More than double what we sent last year. Thank you so much to everybody who donated, ran, volunteered and otherwise contributed. A special thanks to my friends at Converse who really made this huge donation possible!!

What a wonderful and amazing day!!! Thanks to my fantastic runners, volunteers, sponsors, friends and family, the day was awesome. A little shout out to Mother Nature for giving us sunshine (although it was a little hot for us runners - but I'm not complaining!!!). Everybody had a wonderful time at the race and the after party as well. You can view all of the race results online. Special thanks to Roger and Kathy Tunsley for coming to the race, meeting runners and helping to bring awareness and education about this awful disease.

There are some fabulous pictures from the race!! My good friend, Gif Campbell, was kind enough to bring his lens and capture the day. His pictures are posted on Facebook and are beautiful.

Also, Patrick's dear friend Harry Teasley joined us on race day with his entire family!!! His wife Yatsze ran and his daughters Izzy, Mona and Sadie were on hand to cheer us all in at the finish. Even puppy Summer was there :-) Harry also took some beautiful pictures of the race and I was thrilled to have his family be a part of Patrick's day.

King Fish Media, a new sponsor for 2012, wrote this wonderful blog post about the race and the Converse connection. Wonderful words written by a dear friend, Michele Campbell. The Salem Evening News has written about the Second Annual Patrick Downey 5K in their May 1, 2012 edition! Thanks to Jesse Roman for writing a wonderful story and to David Le for taking such a nice photo :-) They even did a follow up on May 4.

This year's race has also been sanctioned by USA Track & Field!

Third Annual Patrick Downey 5K - May 12, 2013

I was able to donate $9,500 to the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association.  They are thrilled to have the support of the PD5K.  Thank you to all those who volunteer, ran or otherwise participated in the race.  We had 230 runners this year and the results can be found here.

You can find race photos at Lis Rock Photography.  If you want to download a FREE photo, please use the password DOWNEY5K.

We were voted "Best 5K" in North Shore Road Race Guide!!!!  You can view the entire "Best Of" award list here.

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